Growing sustenance with passion and purpose.

Growing nutritious vegetables with a focus on sustainability to preserve the well-being of both the population and the planet.

Our Mission

We firmly believe that access to healthy food is a fundamental right for people of all social backgrounds, and it should not be hindered by factors such as cost or availability. And all the research and technological development done by our team is towards making this mission a tangible reality.

Our Founders

Co-Founder & CEO

Abhay co-founded Eeki in 2018 and envisioned tackling global challenges such as food scarcity, malnutrition, and climate change with Eeki. Currently, he runs the company and heads finance and business development. Abhay enjoys playing a good game of badminton and loves petting his dogs. He completed his Master’s Degree in Polymer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay in 2014.

Co-Founder & CEO
Co-Founder & COO

As a Co-Founder of Eeki, Amit has been the brain behind Eeki’s revolutionary technological achievements. He looks after farm operations and leads the R&D and engineering team to further advance our farming tech. Amit is a health enthusiast who enjoys spending time in greenery and with plants. He completed his Master’s Degree in Polymer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay in 2014.

Co-Founder & COO

The name “Eeki” is inspired by the Japanese concept of “Ikigai,” which represents one’s true purpose in life. During a phase of self-discovery, our founders realized that their ikigai was to solve the long-standing challenges in farming and develop sustainable solutions. Hence, they chose the name “Eeki” for its simplicity of pronunciation and its potential for global recognition and understanding.

EEKI \ee-kee\

Our Journey

Experience the story of how we began our farming journey, concluding with a glimpse of our farm expansion plans.
March, 2018

Began Rooftop Research

The founders initiated their research journey in Kota, Rajasthan by establishing a small rooftop farm.

Dec, 2018

Incorporation of Eeki Automation Private Limited

In pursuit of a cost-effective alternative to expensive methods of farming such as NFT and vertical farming, our founders decided to incorporate eeki.

June, 2019

Pre-Seed Funding

We achieved a significant milestone when we received our first investment from a local investor, which propelled our technology to new heights.

January, 2020

First R&D Farm in Rangpur

This farm, spanning over 10,000 sq.ft. of land, served as a pioneering pilot project to assess the scalability of our farming technology.

May, 2021

Bhilwara Farm

Taking a significant step forward, we established a ½ acre farm, making our first move towards commercialization.

March, 2021

Seed Funding - GSF Accelerator

GSF Accelerator, our first supporter, has been instrumental in our journey, and their backing has kept us going strong ever since.

December, 2021

4 Commercial Farms in Rajasthan

With the backing of our investors and their trust in our vision, we built thriving commercial farms that were delivering the produce all across Rajasthan.

Feb, 2022

Pre-Series A Funding - Avaana Capital

Avaana Capital showed confidence in us with a significant investment of $2 million that has been instrumental in driving us towards success.

April, 2022

Series-A Funding - General Catalyst

Leading venture capital firm General Catalyst showed faith in our vision with a substantial $6.5 million investment in our series-A funding round.

October, 2022

Nominated for ET Startup Awards

Among the Top 5 nominations in Economic Times’ Startup Awards 2022 for Top Innovator category.

Dec 2022

5 acre farm in Panipat (HR)

We expanded our reach beyond Rajasthan by establishing a 5-acre farm in Panipat, which enabled us to tap into the North Indian market.

Feb 2023

Featured in Forbes India

Featured on the cover page of Forbes India’s March 2023 Edition “Innovation Special”

Aug 2023

15 acres farm in Keshoraipatan (RJ)

Construction of a 15-acre farm in Keshoraipatan showcased the scalability and sustainability of our farming practices.

September, 2023

20+ Acres Under construction

Currently, more than 20 Acres of IoT-enabled farms are under development all across the country.

At Eeki, we operate with sustainability and innovation as our core values. Through the development of vital technologies, we aim to solve pressing societal issues and create a lasting impact, not only for ourselves but also for future generations.

Our Values

Key Investors