Our Growing Methodology

Eeki’s growing cycle starts with inspecting the entire non-GMO seed batch, promptly removing any rotten seeds to ensure only high-quality ones proceed.

Choosing the Best

Seed's Cradle

Our patented growing chambers that play a crucial role in our growing process are set up on the farm.

Afterward, Eeki farms undergo thorough sanitization to minimise the risk of harmful germs or bacteria that could affect early-stage growth.




Once the seeds have sprouted and become seedlings in the vegetative stage, they are gently moved from the nursery to the farm.

Eeki recognizes the varied nutrient needs of plants during different growth stages. To fulfil these needs, we provide crop-specific nutrition recipes, ensuring highly nutritious produce.

Nutrition Management

Pest Management


To safeguard produce from insects and rodents, we use toxin-free pest management methods that utilise eco-friendly alternatives and physical barriers to capture pests before infestation.

To prevent the growth of harmful fungus, we regularly spray strong biocontrol agents on the crops that act as a powerful defence against infections.

Disease Management

Cultivating the Perfect Habitat

Eeki’s robust and cost-effective IoT devices effectively manage climate and irrigation, creating the ideal ambience for nurturing healthy plants.


Eeki also leverages trellising and pruning techniques to maximise plant growth to yield superior-quality produce.

Shaping Growth

Bountiful Rewards


The produce is carefully handpicked at the best harvest time, guaranteeing each fruit is handled with care before post-harvest processing.


Following the harvest, the produce undergoes thorough sorting, cleaning, and packaging to ensure impeccable quality before their ultimate dispatch.

Beyond the Harvest