Cultivating Abundance of Nourishment

Combating Food Scarcity Together

With our 15-acre farm’s exceptional vegetable production capacity, we’re able to expand our market presence throughout India.

15 Acres
Area covered
Plants growing together
1447 MT
Annual Production

The success of this farm is a powerful testament to the immense scalability and sustainability of our farming practices. It showcases our commitment to build large-scale farming infrastructure across the country and fuel economic growth.

Keshoraipatan Farm’s Squad

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Farm Partner Testimonials

“Building my 1-acre farm in Nanta and witnessing its success brought me immense happiness. So, when the time came to expand, I confidently ventured onto a 15-acre farm in Keshoraipatan. I'm thrilled about the journey ahead, as their technique looks promising.”

“I discovered Eeki on social media and was impressed by their vision to make vegetables accessible year-round. As a farm partner, I truly value the regular returns. Our 5-acre farm in Panipat is thriving, and I look forward to expanding our partnership even more.”

“3 years ago, I sought to diversify my business and was instantly captivated by Eeki's growing methodology. Partnering with them for over 2 years has been a prime choice, thanks to their vision for year-round vegetable accessibility. Excited to expand to 1-2 acres, our future looks promising.”

Anand Swaroop Rathi
Gunjan Bhatia
Sanat Asiya